Is Culinary School Worth the Money?

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Across the globe, over 80% of all new businesses fail. And in America specifically, the number-one failing venture for any business is a restaurant. This means that whether you aspire to be a chef in someone else’s restaurant or your own, this is a very fickle business idea that can fail at any time for any one of a million reasons.

Why, then, would it be smart to attend culinary school knowing that there’s such a high failure rate for restaurants?

Restaurants may fail at a higher rate than other businesses, but most of that has to do with the fact that a very large number of people attempt to open restaurants. One of the things a lot of failing restaurants have in common: They only have “cooks” posing as chefs, people without culinary training.

The truth is that we go crazy as a society for good food. We evolved as animals with a need to eat to live, but now many of us live to eat. We’ll check out local papers, seek opinions for friends, and even browse classified sites like in order to find the best restaurants and coupons.

Attending culinary school also almost guarantees you a job. Now, do not get this confused with job security. But with thousands of restaurants opening across the nation at any given time, financial backers of these eateries are looking for trained chefs to put their investment in a better position to increase. This means chefs are being hired at a steady rate even in a period of economic downturn.

Most culinary colleges can get a bit expensive, but there are smaller institutions you can check out. A good way to find a great culinary institute is to browse through the classifieds. That’s right; classifieds aren’t only listing TVs and furniture for sale. You can find information about culinary schools and follow your passion.